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Of all the means of expression, photography is the only one that fixes forever    – Henri Cartier-Bresson

I am primarily a contemporary artist, so my photographic style and aesthetic is perhaps not typical of ‘wedding photography’. I studied photography at the Royal College of Art in London so my background is rooted in fine art, something quite uncommon in the wedding photography industry. I observe in terms of colour and composition, clean lines, space, beautiful light and capturing candid moments and details that may go unnoticed. Together these elements form a document of your day that is both contemporary and sensitive, creative and beautiful, that you can enjoy for years to come.

I attract couples who are looking for something different; those who are planning creative or alternative weddings, both in the city or countryside. I aim to create space for my clients to be themselves amongst the chaos and nerves that can often surround such a big day.

If you are getting married and think you might be interested in me creatively documenting your special day, feel free to drop me a line. I would be delighted to be part of it.


We are not really sure where to start but we can not thank you enough for the beautiful photographs and package that we received today which is amazing (so much more than expected), the photographs are incredible for us personally in that they are a document of such an important day, but on top of that, your work, and the way in which you have captured and presented every moment is incredible in itself so thank you. We will go through them time and time again we are sure, looking at them the night before last with family around was amazing, we laughed, cried, and enjoyed every moment. You made the day so special and we couldn’t have been happier to have had you there and involved, you are such a lovely person and a fantastic photographer, you made everything feel so natural, this is evident in the photographs through and through. You have been fantastic right from the off, from our initial conversations and meeting to the day itself and beyond, the attention and care you paid to what we wanted was perfect. Thank you Genevieve.


Amazing amazing amazing!!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for helping make our day so extra special! You were amazing! So calm and collected and everyone loved you. We are blown away by your talent! We have looked at the photos tonight over and over again. I can’t thank you enough Genevieve. You are so very gifted Gen.


Genevieve, you were the most wonderful photographer. You were more professional, more talented and more lovely than we could have imagined. You managed to capture all the best moments of the day; moments that we didn’t even realise were happening appear perfectly captured in your amazing, natural photographs. You also made us feel so comfortable and at ease and managed to get all the photos so quickly and easily that you wouldn’t even know you were there working so incredibly hard. We really couldn’t thank you enough for giving us such a beautiful catalogue of memories from a day that really does fly past in a blur.


GENNNNN!! THEY’RE SO LUSH!!! Love them all so much, they’re really wonderful! (knew they would be!) You’ve captured so many great moments and details, and your images are just stunning – you’re so talented! I was going through them on the bus and nearly welled up, such lovely pics and you captured so many smiles and lovely moments. You’re a GENIUS.


I cannot say enough how complementary everyone has been of your photos. More than anything, everyone has said how just lovely you were as a photographer; subtle, appropriate, friendly and approachable. I think it really shows in the images that everyone just felt so comfortable with you – and that is a real testament to your professionalism as a photographer. But more than anything, your warmth and creativity and loveliness as a person. It was such a privilege to have you there on the day. Thank you.


The package arrived today and we couldn’t be happier with the photographs. You truly captured everything that we would have hoped for and got some really memorable photographs. A huge thank you for all your hard work and being an absolute pleasure to have around on the day.


I just wanted to thank you for the photos from our wedding, they are beyond my expectation and I feel foolish that I might not of considered having any at one stage.We are very lucky to have got someone so immensely talented to be involved. Talent aside, you clearly took a lot of time and thought composing, taking and editing them. So thank you very much. Everyone we have shown has been just as blown away as we are.