Genevieve’s Elegant Wedding Photography Services 

Genevieve’s Elegant Wedding Photography has captured everything from huge celebrity weddings with nearly 1,000 guests to small intimate affairs with just a handful of friends and family.  We love what we do and the uniqueness that comes with every wedding.  We are blessed to have the privilege of sharing in your special day and we use our skills to tell a story of romance and the promise of a beautiful future.   We combine the creativity that goes with photography and the technical skills that you need to take great pictures.

About Genevieve

Genevieve has been taking wedding photos for almost a decade.  While she has done a variety of other types of photography such as fashion, portrait and corporate events her real passion has always been capturing weddings.  She uses all of that experience combined with her natural creativity to create some stunning images.  This is the most important day of your life, let Genevieve capture the most important moments of your wedding ceremony in the style you love most.

Genevieve's Elegant Wedding Photography Services 

Traditional Style

Traditional weddings and traditional wedding photography services are still alive and well, this is the classic style that you have seen time and time again.  Carefully posed shots of the most important parts of your ceremony and afterwards are the hallmarks of the traditional style.  We can help you put together a list of crucial shots that will make for a memorable wedding album.

Contemporary Style

If you aren’t the traditional sort and would rather do something a bit more contemporary then a more photo-journalistic style may be a better option when choosing a photographer.  Instead of having scheduled posed photographs you opt for a more candid set of photographs.  These images are less forced and more natural and the photographer is there to tell the story of your wedding using images much like a photojournalist does.  Nothing is planned and the photographer takes pictures throughout the day in the background so you end up with more natural shots.  Many couples opt for a combination of both styles, getting the best of both worlds.

Our Best Work

Genevieve and her team will always provide each and every one of our couples will have top quality images at a competitive price.  Please check through our gallery of some of our best work and see the different styles of wedding photography that can be arranged for your special day.  All of our photos are digital and we will provide you with the best quality prints that will serve you and your family for a lifetime.