Characteristics of a Good Wedding Photographer

Characteristics of a Good Wedding Photographer

There are dozens of wedding photographers out there that are willing to take your money and promise you the world on your special day.  Not all of them can deliver but what are the characteristics of a good wedding photographer?  Is it just their ability to deliver beautiful photos, the price or something else that makes the experience a positive one?  Let’s look at how you can find the right photographer for your wedding.

Photography Style

It used to be that traditional posed pictures were the only wedding photos that you could get.  While there is nothing wrong with traditional style wedding photos, not everyone wants the same wedding photos as their parents and grandparents.  You may want something different, photos with not just the wedding party but pictures featuring friends as well as family.  Modern wedding photography embraces a more photojournalistic style where the wedding party and guests have a more natural style.

Capturing Emotion

Your wedding is one of the most emotional days of your life both for you and your guests and you want a photographer that can adequately capture the emotion of the day.  Capturing the right expression doesn’t come naturally to many photographers it can take years to master this skill.  This is particularly hard in traditional wedding photos where the wedding party is made to pose for pictures.  With more photojournalistic styles you capture people naturally and are able to take pictures of genuine emotion.  Here are tips for capturing emotions in an image.


A photographer is someone that you’re trusting to share and document one of the most important days of your life.  Not only do you need to have someone who is very good at their job but you need someone who handles stress well and is easy for you to get along with.  You don’t need to become new best friends but you need to have a good working relationship.  You won’t enjoy your day nearly as much if you can’t stand your photographer.

While you do need to plan and book your photographer well in advance of your wedding, take the time and trouble to go through with any potential photographer exactly what you want.  Discuss the style of pictures, the number of prints that you are going to want, whether you want video as well and the time you expect them to spend at your wedding.  Getting a good photographer leaves you comfortable in enjoying your day and it is one last thing you have to worry about.